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We have all learned to adapt to the uncertainty, confusion, competing sources of information and disruption caused by a world turned upside down.

Event organizers, planners, sponsors and executives at organizations that rely on events as their primary media platform and source of revenue need clarity as we enter 2021.

These 5 “must-do’s” for 2021 will help you establish a baseline for your thinking as you enter the planning cycle for what is sure to be another year of massive change, new opportunities and continued uncertainty.

  1. Your event must have a clear economic strategy and be designed for profitability.
  2. A much deeper level of interaction, engagement and intimacy must be achieved. What’s working and what’s not?
  3. Plan for a portion of your event to be in-person; albeit modest in the first half of the year, more robust in Q3 and Q4.
  4. Strategy must lead and technology and virtual event platforms must follow. Don’t let the tool decide the job your event must accomplish. Learn the 7 keys to a good design brief.
  5. The 9P’s of marketing are more important and play a bigger role than ever as you seek to ensure that your annual event portfolio is integrated and maximizes the value of each individual event. Understand why you are in charge of marketing regardless of your title.

Join us for this fast paced, strategic and tactical session that will help you see your 2021 event through a new lens.


Don Neal, Founder & CEO

360 Live Media

Don Neal is the founder and CEO of 360 Live Media, the nation’s premier full-service experience design and marketing agency serving associations and helping them reimagine their events. Don has served as the CMO at Marsh & McLennan, as an advertising executive on Madison Avenue, he was the co-founder of Hallmark Cards Loyalty Group, an adjunct graduate marketing professor at Georgetown University, as well as Chairman of the Board of the Catalogue for Philanthropy. Don has been a featured speaker at national conferences, and he is a regular contributor to PCMA’s Convene Magazine.

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