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Interested in volunteering? RHMP needs volunteers for planning and onsite. Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Programming: Work on a committee to plan and coordinate general sessions, key note speakers and concurrent sessions.  Programming Committee Leader - Phil Rappaport.
  • Marketing: Let your creative juices flow by designing graphics, writing copy or implementing marketing strategies.  Marketing Committee Leader - Vinnu Deshetty.
  • Raffle: Develop and manage a raffle program, request items for the raffle, and manage the raffle onsite. Raffle Committee Leader - Trudy Singh.
  • Sponsorship: Assist with recruiting and managing sponsorships.  Sponsorship Committee Leader: Trudy Singh.

  • Onsite: Help with registration, become a room facilitator, or be a greeter.  Onsite Committee Leader - Vinnu Deshetty.
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Reston Herndon Meeting Planners (RHMP) 

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