Reston Herndon Meeting Planners (RHMP)...

provides opportunities for meeting and event planning professionals to network, collaborate, learn and innovate. Thanks to generous sponsor support, RHMP is mostly-known for its no-cost networking breakfasts with inspiring and informational speakers. RHMP added a Summer Camp for a day-long program filled with educational sessions, peer-led workshops, and natural comradery around the unconventional bon-fire.

RHMP is a not-for-profit organization operating under a volunteer-based planning committee of planners and suppliers. For programs, RHMP prioritizes planners over suppliers to ensure planners have priority access to education and networking opportunities. Suppliers and sponsors are invited and offer valuable support and input.

In 1998, A group of meeting planners saw a growing population of planners residing and working in Northern Virginia. RHMP morphed into an organization that creates a platform where planners can network and access local resources in their own backyard. The breakfasts now attract over 100 attendees and the Summer Camp hosts over 200 eager industry professionals.

Steering Committee

The Reston Herndon Meeting Planners is headed by a steering committee, which is comprised of a group of volunteer meeting professionals. They organize the programming, logistics, registration, sponsorship, and venue selection of the RHMP events throughout the year. 

The views and opinions expressed during programs organized by Reston Herndon Meeting Planners (RHMP) are those of the speakers and participants and do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of RHMP or its committee members.

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