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RHMP Summer Camp is back.  RHMP's Summer Camp is the only day-long conference dedicated to meeting planning in the Northern Virginia area.

Since 2017, RHMP has been successful in creating a fun, interactive learning platform that promotes networking and camaraderie in true summer camp form. Our sponsors make Summer Camp happen.  Thanks to the generous financial contributions from sponsors, we are able to provide low-cost and substantive program.  All the sponsorship dollars are dedicated to conference production including a/v and food. We limit our sponsorships to ensure that our sponsors get the focus they deserve while preserving the learning and networking environment. 

Check out our sponsorships...

If you are interested in a sponsorship, please submit your request . The sponsorship committee will contact you to finalize your sponsorship.

Planner In-Person Registration: $26.25

Planner Virtual Registration - $21.25

Supplier Virtual Registration - $21.25

Reston Herndon Meeting Planners (RHMP) 

APEX Meetings is the managing agent for RHMP

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