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As RHMP continues to grow and attract more planners and engaging speakers, we review our policies to make our events accessible to everyone in our supplier community. In order to create equitable opportunities for supplier attendance, here is our Registration Policy for Suppliers for the five breakfast programs we will hold throughout 2022.

  • The supplier registration fee will be $20.00 (breakfast programs only, excludes Summer Camp).

  • All suppliers will be assigned to the wait list when registration opens. You will not be charged for registration until your registration in confirmed. 

  • Starting three weeks before the event and continuing up to three days prior to the event, suppliers will be selected to attend and be moved off the wait list. Qualified suppliers will receive an email confirming that they can attend the event and their credit cards will be charged for their registration fee. Bring your registration confirmation email with you to the RHMP program. Note: The registration confirmation email is not your initial wait list confirmation email.

  • Selections will be based on a random drawing, balanced with a consideration given to suppliers who were not selected to attend previous events.

  • A 2:1 (Planner to Supplier) ratio will be maintained. This makes our programs attractive to both planners and suppliers. Confirmation spots for suppliers will be released based on the number of planner registrations and ratio.

  • Walk-in supplier registrations on the day of the event are strongly discouraged. Walk-ins affect the intended ratio, and food & beverage costs have not been accounted for them. Therefore, the supplier same-day registration fee will be Two Hundred Fifty Dollars ($250.00).

  • No more than one (1) confirmed registration per supplier organization will be permitted, in order to allow greater representation from the supplier community. Exemptions include the sponsors of the day’s program.

  • Suppliers will not be refunded their $20.00 registration if they do not attend, and they may forfeit their opportunity to be selected for future events if they have not provided at least three days notice prior to the event. Registration fees will be credited for any events that are cancelled.

Thank you in advance for understanding our policies which ensure that we continue to promote best-in-class educational and networking events and the opportunities to include as many suppliers as possible. If you have any questions or would like to provide feedback, please contact us at:


The views and opinions expressed during programs organized by Reston Herndon Meeting Planners (RHMP) are those of the speakers and participants and do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of RHMP or its committee members.

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